PMI Erie Chapter

Our Mission

Our Mission

The PMI Erie, PA Chapter is a not-for-profit organization founded with the following goals:


    • Foster professionalism in the management of projects.

    • Contribute to the quality and scope of project management.

    • Stimulate appropriate global application of project management for the benefit of general public.

    • Provide a recognized forum for the free exchange of ideas, applications, and solutions to project management issues among its members, and other interested and involved in project management.

    • Identify and promote the fundamentals of project management and advance the body of knowledge for managing projects successfully.

    • Promote and further the practice and profession of project management by the encouragement of corporations and other entities to adopt project management practices.

    • Support education and training programs.

    • Promote the understanding and dissemination of best practices.

    • Establish local networking and interest exchange opportunities for practitioners.